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Software Detail Information

The software information can be obtained from here: [1]


Please use the Joomla Installer to install the component by going to Joomla Administrator panel --> Extension --> Extension Manager --> Browse the file and install it, after successful file upload, you will see the following screen after clicking the Complete Installation button:

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

The please click the Next button to continue, the auto-installer will install the whole component for you automatically.

Creating a new RSS Feed

RSS Feed Installation

The first step is to create a new RSS feed. To do this, please go to OSE Cloud Marketing --> Feeds Management Click the New button --> Enter the title of the feed --> choose the Joomla article category that you would like to generate the RSS feed for, and choose whether to publish the RSS feed, that will create a new feed.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Create the menu item

Next, create a menu item by choosing the OSE RSS Feed Link.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Then in the parameter, choose the RSS Feed you would like to show, enter the RSS creator email address and enter the number of articles you would like to show for the Feed.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

That's it, the RSS Feed can be accessed from the frontend.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Create eMail Marketing Channels

Create Channel Categories

First, please create Channel Categories by going to the Category Section --> Add and enter the category information.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Create email Marketing Channel

Next, please create a email marketing Channel by accessing the Channel section:

  • 1. Please enter the Channel Title and the category it belongs to
  • 2. In the Feed section, please select or enter a feed source. If it is feed created in the Feed section, please choose Joomla Feeds, if you have burned the feed in FeedBurner, please enter it in the FeedBurner section and choose FeedBurner from the FeedMyInbox Feed Source section.
  • 3. If you would like to enable this channel in the OSE FeedMyInbox module, please Check the 'Enable in FeedMyInbox' box.
OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Register your feeds in FeedMyInbox

To use OSE FeedMyInbox module, you will need to register your Feed in FeedMyInbox website first, please register a free account if you do not have any accounts in FeedMyInbox [2]

After that, please access 'Your Sites' section after login, and enter the Feed Menu as instructed in the 'Create the menu item' section of this user manual.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Then your OSE FeedMyInbox module can be used as a mailing list subscription module, to enable it, please go to your Joomla Module manager --> choose mod_osefeedminbox in the filter, and enable the module

OSE Cloud Marketing V1
OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Once you have any new articles added into the Joomla category (news channel), newsletters will be sent out automatically to your subsribers, here is an example of the email template:

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

Distribute your Joomla content to Social Network websites

The next step is to distribute your Joomla content to Social Network websites and enable your Social Network Module so users can get connected with you. Currently OSE Supports the Social network of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, more social network can be added into OSE Cloud Marketing later.

To distribute your Joomla content to social network, please first register an account in

Once you register a DLVR account, please add a new Route by adding a new source.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

After that, please add new destinations, please choose the social network engine you would like to add the destination to.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

That's it, your content will be automatically submitted to Social Network once you add any articles into your Joomla category.

Finally, to allow your clients to connect with you through Social Network, please enable the OSE Cloud Marketing Social Module

OSE Cloud Marketing V1

The social icons will show up in the frontend, which shows the Facebook, Twitter and LinedIn URL to your account page.

OSE Cloud Marketing V1