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You will have the following files n your zip package in version 1:

* -- An OSE installer package 
** IMPORTANT: this package is 3.3MB, so please change your upload_max_filesize in your PHP setting to 5M or above. 
   Please see this wiki: Changing_PHP_configuration_setting for instructions
  • 1. Please go to Joomla Backend --> Extensions --> Extension Manager --> Upload and Install the package through Joomla! Installer
  • 2. Once it is uploaded, please click the Complete Installation button to start the installation process
  • 3. You will see the following screens:
OSE Credit
  • 4. Then the installer will install the component automatically for you, please wait until the installation completes.
  • 5. If the installer does not start, please make sure that your files ownership is correct, this is especially important if you are using Plesk Desk as control panel.


NOTE: VERSION 1 SUPPORTS PAYPAL ONLY. We currently do not accept any customization requirements on other Payment gateways.

After the installation, please go to OSE-Commerce™ Framework to setup your Paypal account, please access this wiki for the instructions:

Create Credit Plans

Create Credit Plans

Please now go to Plans Management --> Create your new credit plans

OSE Credit

Create Credit Plans Menu

After that, please create a menu with OSE Credit Management Quick Payment Menu in your Joomla menu manager

OSE Credit

Then the frontend will show up like this:

OSE Credit

Setup Controls

Listing Submission control

Component Joomla! Articles

Control Joomla! Article Submission with OSE Credits

Component -- Mosets Tree

Control Mosets Tree Listing Submission with OSE Credits

Article View control

Component Joomla! Articles

Control Joomla! Articles with OSE Credits

Component K2

Control K2 Items with OSE Credits