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Software Detail Information

The software information can be obtained from here: [1]


Please use the Joomla Installer to install the component by going to Joomla Administrator panel --> Extension --> Extension Manager --> Browse the file and install it, after successful file upload, you will see the following screen after clicking the Complete Installation button:

OSE Feature Table V1

The please click the Next button to continue, the auto-installer will install the whole component for you automatically.

Creating a new feature table

The first step is to create a new feature table. To do this, please go to OSE Feature Table --> Click the New button --> Enter the title of the table --> and click the Update button to create the table.

OSE Feature Table V1

Creating the label columns

The next step is to create the labels for the table and set the type and values of each row of the table. To do this, please click the Rows Setting Icon

OSE Feature Table V1

A window will pop up, then please click the New icon to add a row:

OSE Feature Table V1

There are different types of fields you can choose for the row.

Text Field

A Textfield allows you to add an input box into the feature table form, if this field is a price field, you can choose 'Yes' for the Price option, that way, the row will show a different CSS style in the frontend.

OSE Feature Table V1
OSE Feature Table V1

Text Area

A Textarea field allows you to add an editor box so you can insert html codes into the field. This way, you can add some custom html codes into the value of the row.

OSE Feature Table V1
OSE Feature Table V1


A Separator field allows you to add a row to separate two rows with the custom text

OSE Feature Table V1
OSE Feature Table V1

Radio, Combo Box and Multi Select

These three types of fields allow you to create options so you can select predefined values from the radio box or select drop down box. To use these fields, in the data area, please fill in this format:

value-1:title-1;value-2:title-2; value-3:title-3

For example, if you would like to show a radio box with three options: Yes, No and N/A, where the value of these options are: [Y], [N] and [NA], please enter the following:


We also provides a trick here, when the values is [Y], in the frontend, this value will be automatically changed to a TICK image, while it will be changed to a CROSS image if the value is [N].

OSE Feature Table V1
OSE Feature Table V1

Creating a data column

The next thing is to enter data for each column. Please click the Edit button under the Columns Setting column, when a window pops up, please click the New button. Then enter the information for each of the column.

OSE Feature Table V1
OSE Feature Table V1
OSE Feature Table V1

Create the menu item

Finally, create a menu item by choosing the OSE Standard Feature Table.

OSE Feature Table V1

Then in the parameter, choose the feature table you have just created.

OSE Feature Table V1

That's it, the feature table can be accessed from the frontend.

OSE Feature Table V1
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