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OSE Joomla! Sitemap Generator

Version: 1.0
Released Date: 01-Apr-2009
Manual Date: 20-Apr-2009
Author: OSE Support Team.
Copyright: Reproduction and redistribution of the document is disallowed without the consent of the author.
Notes: The OSE Security software series is an Open Source software series developed by Open Source Excellence Team. 
License: GPL V2, you can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!


Open Source Excellence Joomla! Sitemap help you easily create sitemaps for your websites. It supports the Joomla article system and a series of popular Joomla extensions including VirtueMart, Mosets Tree, SOBI2, jDownloads, hwdVideoShare, RokDownload, and PhocaDownload. An easy-to-use one-click creation generates sitemaps ready to submit to Google Webmaster Tools.


Install it as a normal Joomla! extension. Go to the Joomla! back-end --> Extensions --> Install / Uninstall --> Browse --> Select the file, and then click "Upload File & Install" to install.

Creating a Sitemap

Go to Components --> OSE Sitemap to load the software.

Creating a sitemap for you website contents is quite easy. Input the name of the sitemap, click the button for which you are going to create the sitemap, and then click “Generate”. The screen will show you the sitemap has been successfully generated.

Submitting the sitemap

Now you can submit the sitemap to your Google Webmaster Tools. Go to and login your Google account. Click “Add a site” and verify your website following the screen tips.

Click on your website to manage it. On the left side panel, go to Site configuration --> Sitemaps.

Click “Submit a Sitemap”.

Give the URL given by OSE Joomla Sitemap after it generates the sitemap shown in the above screenshot and submit the sitemap.

Now the sitemap has been successfully submitted.

That’s it. Thank you.