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OSE Webmail Client User Manual

Version: 2.00 RC1
Released Date: 03-Jul-2009
Manual Date: 03-Jul-2009
Author: OSE Support Team.
Copyright: Reproduction and redistribution of the document is disallowed without the consent of the author.
Notes: The OSE Webmail Client is an Open Source software series developed by Open Source Excellence Team. 
License: GPL V2, you can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

Normal Installation Method


What’s It?

Open Source Excellence Joomla Webmail is a Joomla which provides a convenient approach for you to access and manage your webmail account and mails at both back-end and front-end of a Joomla system. It utilizes the RoundCube Mail engine and realizes most of its functions under the Joomla system.

Contents in the Package

The package includes the following components and files:

  • OSE Joomla Webmail component.

Software Download and Support

After you purchase the product, you can check and download the upgrade on our OSE website in your “Download Area” after login at: If you have questions regarding installation, configuration, or usage, please go to our ticket system to raise a question:

Installation and Configuration

Let's start now:

Install Component

Install the component through Joomla Install/uninstall as a normal Joomla extension.

Component Installation

Install RoundCube Engine

Click Joomla Components --> OSE Webmail Client to load the component. Please note, at the first step of setting checking, click the “Install RoundCube Engine” button on the top right to install the RoundCube engine which is compulsory for the webmail client to work properly. This step may take several minutes. If you get error or can’t finish it, it may be because your system memory_limit is too low. Please change your PHP configuration setting to increase the memory_limit, or use the manual way to install it by referring to this article:

RoundCube Installation

PHP Checking

Go ahead to check all checking items, please not that all items “required” have to be checked as green, and this is not necessary for items “optional”. If you have enabled Suhoson Session Encrypt, please disable it by:

* If your PHP is running Fast CGI mode, please edit the global php.ini and / or the php.ini that locates in the OSERoundcube folder, if 
 the OSERoundcube/php.ini does not exist, please create one.), add a line: 
   suhosin.session.encrypt = off
* If your PHP is running as an Apache module, please edit the global .htaccess and / or the .htaccess that locates in the OSERoundcube 
 folder, if the OSERoundcube/.htaccess does not exist, please create one.), add a line: 
   php_flag suhosin.session.encrypt off
* Also, if you are using the OSE Webmail Plus plugins, please note that the time zone setting is important for the webmail loggin as well. 
 If you can login from Joomla, but failed to automatically login Webmail, please try to disable the time zone setting in your php.ini, e.g. commenting the 
 time zone setting:
      ;date.timezone= "America/Los_Angeles"
PHP Checking
Other Checking

Finalize Configuration

Click the button “Click Here To Next” on the top right to continue. Then you can easily configure the webmail settings following the screen tips.

Examples of the mail server configuration
default_host: OR
default_port: 143
username_domain: --> leave it empty
auto_create_user: checked
SMTP settings: OR
SMTP_port: 25
SMTP_user/SMTP_pass: leave them empty, and check the "Use the current IMAP username and password for SMTP authentication"
SMTP_log: checked

Configuration at the First Login

You may need to configure the Webmail Client after at first time you logon the webmail at the front-end. Please setup the folders first by going to --> frontend configuration page (Logon the webmail, then go to personal configurations) --> go to "Folders" then check the checkboxes (all of them) and on the Preferences, go to Special Folders and associate the folder names with the folders you have just enabled.

Use the Webmail Component

After configuration, you can directly use it at the back-end and you can re-configuare it at any time if you need.


In addition, you can also set a webmail menu and use it at the front-end by creating a menu of OSE Webmail.

Create a webmail menu

We recommend you set a page for the OSE webmail with any side modules for the compatibility of the OSE Webmail template.


That’s it.

Manually install Joomla! Webmail Client

Here is the instruction:

1. Install the component through Joomla backend

2. If you unzip the com_ose_rc.tar.gz, you will find that there is a file "rc.tar.gz" inside the "UNZIP_FIRST_OSE_Webmail/com_ose_rc/admin" folder

3. Please unzip the rc.tar.gz file, upload all files to your Joomla/root/OSERoundCube folder (create one if it does not exist).

4. Now go to joomla/administrator/components/com_ose_rc/, delete the file "rc.tar.gz"

5, Then please following 2.3 - 2.4 to configure the Wbemail Client.

Then now go back to joomla backend, and the component should work.

OSE Webmail Client Extensions


Installation of OSE Webmail - Joomla Auto Login Extensions

NOTE: This extension is available for OSE Webmail PLUS members (OSE Webmail PLUS Membership Price: GBP 59.00. If you have joined the OSE Webmail Basic Membership, 
you can pay the difference of GBP 24.00 to upgrade to OSE Webmail PLUS membership to get this plugin. The plugin is currently in beta status,  
please contact support desk if you need it. Official release of these two plugins will be in Jan 2011)  
  • Purpose of the plugin: When a user logs in Joomla, if his account fulfils the following conditions, he will be automatically logs into the OSE Webmail Client when he logs in through Joomla login:
    • a. Administrator has setup the email host (mail server) in OSE webmail client configuration setting
    • b. The user has an active email account in the mail server
    • c. The user's webemail login credentials (e.g. email address + password to login his/ her email account) match his / her email address and password in your Joomla system. (Note: The user can login Joomla with his/her username+password as usual, and our plugin will use his / her email address in the Joomla user table to login the webmail client)
* Please also note that, currently we cannot update the user's password for his/her email account if the user changes the password in Joomla. 
There is no solution for this so far. 


1. After successfully installing the OSE Webmail Client and tested it, install the OSE Webmail Authentication plugin (plgOsewebmailAuth.tar.gz), place it in the 1st place of the Authentication group (BEFORE the Joomla Authentication plugin), and enable it. This plugin will check if the user's email account and passwords are correct in logging into the mail server, if so, logs him / her into the webmail client.

2. After that, install the OSE Webmail User Plugin (plgOseWebmailUser.tar.gz), and place this plugin in the 1st place of the User group (BEFORE the Joomla User plugin), enable it. This plugin will delete the webmail login session when a user logs out from Joomla

Upgrade from previous versions

If you would like to keep the configuration, please do the following:

  • 1. Please make a full backup of your website first, then:
  • 2. Backup these two configuration files:

/OSERoundCube/config/ /OSERoundCube/config/

  • 3. Uninstall OSE Webmail component --> and install the new version through Joomla! installer
  • 4. After installing the RoundCube Engine , re-upload the two configuration files back to the RoundCube folder:

/OSERoundCube/config/ /OSERoundCube/config/

Then you can click the configuration section and all configuration will remain.