Using 2Checkout Payment Gateway

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  • 1. First, please go to Global Configuration --. Payments Tab --> 2Checkout to input your "2Checkout Vendor ID" and "2Checkout Secret Word".
2CO Account

From version 5.6 (will release soon), if your membership plan is a one-off payment membership plan, it is not necessary to create 2checkout products by following the instructions below, OSE will send the product information directly to 2Checkout page. However, if your membership plan is recurring plans, please continue creating products by following the instructions below.

  • 2. Then Go to, create a new product
2CO Products
  • 3. Note down the 2CO IDs for these new products
2CO Products
  • 4. Go to OSE Membership --> Membership List --> Select a membership plan --> Advanced Payment Options
2CO Products
  • 5. Enter the 2CO ID into the 2Checkout Product ID field:
2CO Products
  • 6. Finally, add the notification URL in, the URL should be:

NOTE: Please replace to your real domain

2CO Products